• Aero Top-Trail shirt
  • Aero Top-Trail shirt
  • Aero Top-Trail shirt

Aero Top-Trail shirt



This Trail Running range, of which is the Trail Running Shirt, has been designed and tested to be comfortable and pleasant to wear.


  • Seamlessly designed, the shirt gives unique ergonomic support and postural 3D that helps keep a correct and straight position.

  • Incorporating the On/Off ventilation fibre, the trail running shirt helps you oxygenate during intense effort.

  • 6 pockets are fitted in to help you organize your nutrition, tablets, phones, liquids - and they have been specially designed to allow easy access while you are exercising.

  • The sleeves, being light and flexible, allow a great freedom of movement and the fabric being knitted without hems, your shirt puts on an ergonomic fit and avoids the sensation of tension, pressure or tightness on the biceps.

  • Its unique weave enhances air circulation, thus balancing inside and outside temperatures of the shirt, so that body temperature is stable with no sudden surges or drops.

  • The shirt is your second skin and protects against colds and heats in winter and summer respectively.

  • The trail running shirt repels water and evacuates perspiration. You stay fresh and dry all along.

  • Unpleasant odours, irritations and bacteria are kept aloof.

  • The ergonomic cut, longer behind than in front, matched with a silicone interior, help the back remain well covered even when biking.

  • The silicone interior helps absorb shocks and micro-massages to revitalize muscles.

  • Ergo formable as it is, postural alignment is well assured. Your shoulders stay aligned thus boosting breathing and improving oxygenation.

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