Full Leg

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The Full Leg sleeve combines, in one product, support and compression to both the calves and thighs and at the same time optimises the knee position.

The Tops of FULL LEG

  • The most effective venous return from the feet to the heart helps reduce the build-up of toxins, restricts inflammation and swelling.

  • Consequently, the possibility of delayed onset muscle soreness is reduced.

  • Thermo-regulating, your legs oxygenate intensely thus preventing cramps and injuries. Long-lasting effort becomes more endurable.

  • It optimises perspiration evacuation due to its aero-knitted fabric.

  • That same fabric has a massaging effect after each movement making you feel well and light.

  • Shocks and vibrations are absorbed; muscle tear and fatigue and joint pains are minimised.

  • It is reputed for being indestructible over the years. So make it your partner for life-long sporting!