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I didn't get to where I am now on natural talent that's for sure. I worked hard, extremely. Over the last 2 decades I have branched out and stole information from all the team coach's, doctor's, nutritionist's, bike fitter's that I have had in my inventory and done my own research and testing to know for myself. I "just" don't want to be told something. I want to learn it, try it and see it for myself and most importantly, know why.

A little joke that always happens at the races I am at, when the team doctors do the rounds at the hotel to check riders mental and physical health, the doctors always come to my room last, because, I bombard them with questions and they don't want to keep the other riders waiting. However, once I was caught by Lars Bak, my roommate. He said to me once, "You asked the same questions to the last doctor, are you testing them?". I laughed and said: "No, I don't test them, I always ask questions I already know the answers to, but I want to know their opinion and how they got to that opinion, which you can learn far more from". Plus in my mind, us Professional cyclist, we have access to all the greatest experts in the industry, it would be wasteful not to gain from that.

So here, I will share "some" of the things I have picked up along my journey....

Nutrition / Training Bike-Fit / Performance Products